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A team of top-class specialists and the most modern technical facilities are undoubtedly the greatest advantages of the In Vivo Cosmetics Research Center.

This is why we undoubtedly offer our customers and partners a wide range of tests for cosmetic products, household chemicals and hygiene products.

We guarantee the highest quality of conducted dermatological, application and instrumental tests (assessment of long-term use of a product and its immediate effects). It is noteworthy that research programmes are individually established based on the needs and expectations of our clients. We conduct research with the participation of doctors from various specialisations and experts in skin, hair and nail care.

GBA POLSKA is not only in vivo research specialists, but also a reliable base of probationers who take a very responsible approach to the evaluation of tested products. Its diversity allows us to conduct many specialised research programmes and implement methodologies compliant with our clients’ guidelines. This is facilitated by state-of-the-art equipment for skin measurements (e.g. Courage+Khazaka), as well as comprehensively equipped cosmetic and hairdressing salons.

In summary, work based on the highest standards, vast experience and knowledge of our specialists is a guarantee of reliability and high quality of services provided by the GBA POLSKA Cosmetics Research Centre.

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