Quality systemsMembership of GBA POLSKACzłonkostwa


We are a full member of the POLLAB Polish Testing Laboratories Club, no. 654.


We participate in the standardisation work of the Polish Committee for Standardisation as a member of the following technical committees:
KT No. 3 for Food Microbiology
KT No. 6 on Management Systems
KT No. 35 for Milk and Milk Products
No 37 PIC for Fish and Fish Products
No 38 PIC for Processed Fruit and Vegetables
No 40 for feed
No 88 PAC for Frozen Foods
No 93 for Meat, Eggs and Products Processed thereof
PAC No 120 on Water Quality – Microbiological and biological tests
PTC No 121 on Water Quality – Chemical tests – Inorganic substances
PAC No 122 on Water Quality – Chemical tests – Organic substances
KT No 133 on Packaging
KT No 191 on Soil Chemistry
KT No 200 on Food Concentrates, Starches and Dietetic Products
KT No 201 on cosmetics and household chemicals
KT No 216 on Waste
KT No 229 for Coffee, Tea and Cocoa
KT No 235 on Food Analysis
KT No 270 on Environmental Management
KT No 280 on Air Quality
KT No 296 on Disinfection and Antiseptics
KT No 310 for Food Safety Management Systems
KT No 334 on Cosmetic Products
KT No 335 on Detergents