From sampling to analysis reports.
Our testing laboratories ensure
fast and reliable environmental analysis.


Laboratory tests and intellectual services for companies in the environmental and production-industrial area


  • water testing;
  • waste water testing;
  • sludge testing;
  • waste testing;
  • testing of soils and grounds;
  • testing of composts, organic fertilizers;
  • aids for plant cultivation;
  • testing of road salt, brine.


  • environmental opinions and expert reports for research trials;
  • environmental dossiers;
  • environmental conclusions;
  • geological documentation and services;
  • outsourcing; environmental audits;
  • training.


  • municipal enterprises and plants;
  • fuel and energy industry;
  • metallurgical industry;
  • electromechanical industry;
  • chemical industry;
  • mineral industry;
  • wood and paper industry;
  • light industry;
  • food industry: meat, grain, fish, dairy, confectionery, oil and fat, fruit and vegetables, bottling, alcohol, bakery, food supplements;
  • cosmetics industry;
  • construction, development and design;
  • others.

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Global Regulations on SPF and UVAPF Testing – Ensuring Sunscreen Safety Worldwide.
Global Regulations on SPF and UVAPF Testing – Ensuring Sunscreen Safety Worldwide.
Sunscreen is a crucial element in protecting our skin from the harmful effects of ultraviolet (UV) radiation. To ensure the effectiveness and safety of these products, various countries around the world have established regulations governing Sun Protection Factor (SPF) and Ultraviolet A Protection Factor (UVA-PF) testing. These regulations are designed to guarantee that sunscreens provide the necessary protection against both UVA and UVB rays. Let's explore the regulatory landscape surrounding SPF and UVAPF testing across some of the regions.