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Waste, its further management and the associated risks are becoming an increasing challenge in environmental protection. GBA POLSKA stands for safety and compliance with environmental standards for this important area.

As part of our services, we carry out waste tests for:

compliance test;
testing of RDF alternative fuels;
off-site recovery of waste;
waste code determination or verification;
obtaining by-product status;
environmental opinions on, among others, the properties of waste and the possibility of using waste.

Storage of waste

We perform waste compliance tests in accordance with the current requirements set out in the Regulation on admitting waste to landfill in terms of:

  • admitting inert waste to be deposited at a landfill site for inert waste;
  • allowing non-hazardous and inert waste, which is not municipal waste, to be deposited at a landfill for non-hazardous and inert waste;
  • the acceptance of waste with code numbers 19 08 05, 19 08 12, 19 08 14, 19 12 12 and group 20 for disposal in a landfill for non-hazardous and inert waste;
  • the acceptance of hazardous waste for disposal at a landfill for hazardous waste;
  • acceptance of solid, non-reactive hazardous waste for disposal at a landfill for non-hazardous and inert waste.

In addition, we offer you the preparation of the basic waste characterisation required for the transfer of waste to landfill.

In addition, we also carry out AT-4 testing of waste after the composting process for your needs.

GBA Polska - badania - odpady

Testing of RDF (REFUSE DERIVED FUEL) alternative fuels

One way of managing waste is to use combustible fractions as fuel. The parameters of the alternative fuel must meet the quality criteria set out in the standards and those set by the users of the fuel (e.g. cement works).

We offer a package of accredited tests in the following areas:

  • calorific value;
  • combustion heat;
  • ash content;
  • moisture content;
  • total sulphur;
  • chlorine;
  • hydrogen;
  • heavy metal content.

Waste recovery (off-site) testing for the recognition of waste as a by-product

As part of its services, GBA POLSKA offers you accredited laboratory tests together with the preparation of a notification for recognition of an object or substance as a by-product.

Waste recovery outside installations

In accordance with current legislation, in order to minimise the amount of waste sent to landfill, it is permitted to recover waste outside installations and facilities including, among others:

  • recovery through the R10 process;
  • recovery for selected types of waste in accordance with conditions laid down in specific legislation in processes R3, R5, R11 and R12;
  • use by individuals carrying out composting for their own consumption.

In order to comply with legal requirements, off-site recovery of waste is possible provided that it can be proven that there is no deterioration of the water and soil environment in the area where the waste will be used. Appropriate laboratory tests must be available for this purpose.

GBA POLSKA laboratories provide:

  • accredited waste sampling;
  • carrying out the necessary waste and soil tests;
  • an ecological opinion.

Waste documentation

  • applications for waste generation permits and waste collection and processing permits;
  • notifications of waste recognition as a by-product;
  • notifications of the reclassification of hazardous waste as non-hazardous waste;
  • ecological opinions on the properties of waste and the possibilities of its use;
  • opinions on the usability of sewage sludge;
  • waste classifications;
  • basic characteristics of waste for landfill.

Monitoring of landfills

The landfill manager is obliged to carry out monitoring of the landfill. This applies both to landfills in the operational and post-operational phase.

GBA POLSKA provides comprehensive monitoring of landfills in accordance with current regulations.

Scope of monitoring:

  • testing of groundwater level and composition
  • testing the composition of surface water
  • testing the volume and composition of leachate water
  • testing of emissions and composition of landfill gas;
  • assessment of landfill gas discharge efficiency;
  • measurement of atmospheric precipitation;
  • testing of settlement and stability of the landfill;
  • testing the structure and mass of landfilled waste.

Testing of asphalt destruct (mineral-asphalt mixture)

GBA POLSKA as part of its services offers:

  • accredited sampling of asphalt destruct from both prisms and road surfaces;
  • accredited testing of asphalt waste in accordance with the Regulation on Determining Specific Conditions for Loss of Waste Status of Asphalt Destruct;
  • evaluation of asphalt waste test results in accordance with the requirements of the Ordinance to confirm compliance with these requirements.

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