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One of the primary obligations of any wastewater generator is to control the quality of its wastewater by guaranteeing testing in an accredited testing laboratory.

Wastewater analysis makes it possible to control the quality of wastewater at the inlet and outlet of a treatment plant or plant outlet with regard to meeting the requirements of the relevant standards and meeting the legal requirements imposed by administrative decisions.

We offer:

testing of domestic wastewater;
urban wastewater testing;
industrial wastewater testing;
rainwater and snowmelt testing.

We provide:

accredited sampling of wastewater and rainwater and snowmelt - manual sampling and automatic sampling using autosamplers;
accredited analyses of wastewater samples using reference or equivalent methods.

We deliver all samples to our laboratories on the day of collection. The broad scope of accreditation covers all parameters standardised by current legislation.

Water and sewerage management - water law reports, documentation:

  • aquatic legal survey for the discharge of industrial wastewater containing substances particularly harmful to the aquatic environment into external sewage systems;
  • aquatic legal survey for discharging rainwater or snowmelt into waters or water facilities;
  • aquatic legal survey for the discharge of sewage into waters or onto the ground;
  • aquatic legal survey for the agricultural use of sewage;
  • aquatic legal survey for the construction or decommissioning of water facilities;
  • hydro-geological projects and documentations.

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