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Osady, środki wspomagające uprawę roślin, grunty rolne

GBA POLSKA performs accredited sampling and testing as part of its services:

sewage sludge (municipal and industrial);
agricultural soils, including before the application of sewage sludge;
organic fertilisers;
crop support products, including: soil conditioners, growth promoters, growing media.

Sewage sludge

Sewage sludge is a residue from wastewater treatment processes and requires appropriate management. They can be used, among others, in agriculture or land reclamation, if they are properly prepared for this purpose, i.e. stabilised and meet the specific guidelines set out in the legislation. Their use is selected on an individual basis, taking into account the need to eliminate risks to the environment or human health and the requirements of the recovery process.

The recovery of municipal sewage sludge involves its use:

  • in agriculture, understood as the cultivation of all marketable agricultural crops, including crops intended for the production of feedstuffs;
  • to the cultivation of crops intended for the production of compost;
  • for the cultivation of non-food and non-fodder crops;
  • for the reclamation of land, including land for agricultural purposes;
  • for the adaptation of land to specific needs arising from waste management plans, zoning plans or decisions on conditions for development and land use.
Osady, środki wspomagające uprawę roślin, grunty rolne
GBA - analizy, badania
Środki wspomagające uprawę roślin

GBA POLSKA offers accredited testing of municipal sewage sludge and the soils on which it can be applied, in full compliance with current legislation.

The studies include the performance of:

physico-chemical analyses
microbiological analyses
parasitological analyses.

In addition, we offer you an opinion on the properties of the sludge and its possible use, as well as an estimation of the sludge dosage based on the dry matter content and test results.

Fertilisers and plant aids

The environmental demands placed on agriculture by the introduction of increasingly environmentally friendly agricultural production solutions mean that more and more crop support measures are of natural, organic origin.

Our services include accredited sampling and analysis of:

  • organic fertilisers;
  • crop aids, including soil conditioners, growth promoters and growing media.

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