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GBA - żywność - badania mikrobiologiczne

At GBA POLSKA, we perform microbiological tests using both the reference methods specified in the applicable legislation and rapid alternative methods.

Foodstuffs produced and marketed must comply with the microbiological requirements set out in Commission Regulation (EC) No. 2073/2005 of 15.11.2005 (as amended). According to the regulations in force, groups of microorganisms in food are determined as:


Escherichia coli;
Coagulase-positive staphylococci;
Total microbial count;
Presumptive Bacillus cereus;
Campylobacter spp.


Salmonella spp.;
Salmonella Typhimurium;
Salmonella Enteritidis;
Listeria monocytogenes;
Cronobacter spp.

A systematic and effective assessment of food for microbiological contamination ensures that the highest quality products are supplied to the market.

With a view to ensuring proper product quality, food manufacturers are extending the scope of analysis for the determination of specific groups of microorganisms, despite the absence of legal requirements.

These micro-organisms may, due to their metabolism, cause product defects or significantly reduce its suitability for consumption. Such microorganisms include: lactic acid bacteria, yeasts and moulds, coliforms, enterococci, Pseudomonas, anaerobic bacteria, Bacillus and many others.

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