TestsIn-Use testsTests

They are carried out to assess cosmetics impact on skin tolerance at the application site during regular application of the product, according to the purpose of use for specified period of time (repetitive test).
In-use tests are conducted on a diverse group of volunteers, of different ages, with various skin problems e.g. rosacea, vascular skin, dandruff, hyperhidrosis etc..
These tests are performed in order to confirm or exclude the product properties claimed on the product label.
In-use tests are conducted under the supervision and with participation of various medical specialists: dermatologist, dentist, gynecologist, ophthalmologist, pediatrician and other specialists like: cosmetologist, hairdresser, podiatrist, trichologist.
In-use tests can be combined with professional treatments (face and body) performed by cosmetologists and professional hair treatments performed by hairdressers.

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