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GBA środowisko - usługi dodatkowe - akredytowane pobieranie próbek

GBA POLSKA’s samplers are specialists with many years of practical experience. They have industry-specific training in, among others: Environmental Protection, Environmental Engineering, Geology, Biology, Microbiology, Food Technology and many other disciplines of biological sciences. Their education allows them to apply their skills and competencies in the area of sampling.

All Samplers undergo regular internal training and dedicated external training on the full range of services provided to GBA POLSKA clients. Their proficiency in sampling and in performing field tests and measurements is periodically verified internally and externally through participation in proficiency tests (PT) and inter-laboratory comparisons (ILC). The competence and experience of the sampling team is highly valued during audit assessments conducted by the Polish Centre for Accreditation (PCA).

Our Samplers are located in 12 locations throughout Poland, which allows for a very fast turnaround time. We reach every region of Poland in time to meet the expectations of every client. Sampling contractors have a modern fleet of vehicles adapted for taking and transporting samples. Each car is equipped with a refrigerator-freezer enabling transport of samples in appropriate conditions (from -22°C to +8°C). We take care of the continuity of the cold chain of each sample and minimise the risk of contamination by making appropriate use of technical resources. The transport temperature of samples collected and received by our Samplers is recorded and logged. Evidence in the form of reports and graphs is made available to us on request. Our extensive network of internal transport of samples in refrigerated trucks allows for quick collection of samples by Samplers from 12 locations in Poland and delivery within the time recommended by the requirements of testing standards and client’s wishes to our Laboratories in Poland.

GBA POLSKA Samplers have at their disposal state-of-the-art equipment for sampling and performing field (in-situ) tests and measurements. Each is equipped with an individual set of measuring and auxiliary equipment, thanks to which we are always able to complete the tasks set in front of us.

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