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The control of microbiological purity at every stage of the production process is an essential element in ensuring that the high requirements of modern production technologies are maintained.

The use of state-of-the-art solutions and modern sampling equipment guarantees reliable and meaningful results. The equipment we use has the necessary certificates.

Qualified employees of GBA POLSKA carry out:

monitoring microbiological purity of surfaces;
monitoring microbiological purity of air;
particulate matter testing.

We perform the control of microbiological purity of surfaces by:

by the imprint method;
the swab method.

Monitoring the microbiological purity of the air allows us to assess the purity of the production space by determining, among other things, the total number of microorganisms and the number of yeasts and moulds. The services we provide include:

sedimentation method testing;
badanie metodą zderzeniową;
aspiration testing.

Particulate matter testing is used to determine the technical requirements, operation and control of clean rooms and other controlled environments in terms of the concentration of particulate matter in the in the air.

Air pollution is classified using a particle counter. This device, using light scattering, records the number and size of separate particles present in the air.

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