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The instrumental tests are carried out in order to obtain the objective results of the use tests.
All tests are performed in conditions with standardized environmental parameters on a group of people appropriately selected for the purpose of the product. It is possible to evaluate the immediate effect of the product – after one, quantitative application, and to evaluate the effects of long-term use of the product applied by the volunteers at home.


Through instrumental tests, we can verify:Instrumental tests

skin hydration; hydration distribution and skin texture properties
sebum on skin surface, scalp and hair
skin elasticity, firmness and plasticity
melanin content and erythema level (discoloration, redness, browning)
colour of the skin
measuring gloss on skin, lips and hair
transepidermal water loss and beyond (TEWL)
pH-measurement on skin and scalp
deeper lines and macro wrinkles such as "crow's feet"
surface evaluation of the living skin (smoothness, roughness, desquamation)
condition of the scalp and hair
acne Lesions
skin density
analysis of the full-face topography (pores, wrinkles, discoloration)
SEM (Scanning Electron Microscope)
heat map
Cosmetics - instrumental tests

In the Cosmetics Research Center we have the most modern measuring equipment for skin testing. Thanks to it, we can confirm such products claims as:

„Increases the skin hydration by x%”
„Rebuilds the protective barier”
„Lightens the dark spot by x%”
„Reduces the skin discoloration by x%”
„Smoothes wrinkles by x%”
„Anti-dandruff effect”
„Non -comedogenic”
„Non affect the physiological pH of the skin”
„Long lasting skin matte effect”
„Immediate moisturizing effect”

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