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Instrumental (efficacy) tests are measurements of the condition of the skin with the use of non – invasive test methods, made under controlled conditions using specialized measuring devices.



List of equipment used in efficacy tests:

  • Corneometer® CM 825
  • Moisture map mm100
  • Cutometer dual mpa580
  • Mexameter mx 18
  • Sebumeter sm 815
  • Skinglossmeter sgm ® 1065
  • Skin colorimeter flex cl 440
  • Skin-ph-meter ph 905
  • Tewameter tm hex or TM 330triple
  • Tewameter nano
  • Visiopor pp 34n
  • Visioscan vc 20 plus
  • Visioscan vc 20 plus + sebufix f16 foil
  • Visioscan vc 20 plus + corneofix f 20 foil
  • Visioface® rd
  • Miravex antera 3d ™
  • Primos cr 300
  • Visioline vl 650
  • Visia®
  • Trichoscan hd 4.0.
  • Ultrascan uc 22
  • Thermal camera


  • product moisturizes the skin, does not dry out the skin, provides long-lasting hydration, provides immediate moisturizing effect
  • product improves skin firmness, elasticity and plasticity
  • product reduces skin redness, irritation, visibility of discolorations
  • product lowers/normalizes sebum level, reduces sebum secretion
  • product improves the shine/glow of the skin or hair
  • product brightens the skin, improves skin tone
  • product does not disturb the pH of the skin, maintains the appropriate pH of the skin
  • product does not affect/damage the skin hydrolipid barrier
  • product reduces the number of porphyrins
  • product smoothest the skin, reduces skin roughness, reduces skin exfoliation
  • product reduces dark circles under the eyes
  • product reduces wrinkles – length, depth, volume, count, area
  • product improves thickness and density of hair
  • product improves dynamics of hair growth
  • product improves density of the skin, improves thickness of the skin, reduces cellulite, increases the amount of collagen in the skin
Cosmetics - instrumental tests

Other tests:

hair care products:

  • scanning electron microscopy (SEM) – claims: revitalizes hair, improves hair condition, reduces / increases the porosity of hair, reduces split ends and flyways, recovers damaged surface etc.
  • atomic force microscope (AFM) – claims: reduces / increases the porosity of hair
  • mechanical properties testing (tensile test) – claims: improve hair strength, increase hair elasticity

deodorants and anti-perspirants:

  • Minor Test
  • Sniff Test

oral care products:

  • whitening effect with VITA Toothguide 3D-Master with Bleached Shades
  • reduction of dental plaque
  • long-lasting refreshing effect
  • reduction of tooth hypersensitivity

in vitro tests e.g. HET-CAM

biocidal product tests

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