Stability and compatibility of a cosmetic product with packaging

Stability and compatibility testing as a key element of the safety of a cosmetic product.

Each cosmetic that comes on the market and ultimately to the consumer should be safe, durable and, above all, effective for the entire period of its shelf life and consumer use. The stability of a cosmetic is one of the most important parameters in assessing the quality and safety of a cosmetic, as required by EU law (in accordance with EC 1223/2009).

Regulatory authorities recommend that stability tests should be selected depending on the type of product and its intended use, including the shelf life expectancy on the market and the conditions of its final storage. Hence, a fully stable cosmetic product is a product that is durable, resistant to the influence of environmental conditions and not susceptible to the chemistry of the ingredients of the formula. Such a product retains the original physicochemical properties and is completely safe for the consumer throughout the period of its so-called “Market life”.

In the stability testing, it is crucial to define stability indicators (parameters) = critical parameters of the product, and then to select appropriate test methods to monitor product changes over time.

The standard storage time is 4 weeks – it is also possible to individually approach the tests and adjust the test duration to the needs of our Client (i.e. from 2 weeks to 36 months).

The test involves storing the product for a specified time in appropriately selected thermal and humidity conditions and additionally irradiating it with natural UVA light or fluorescent (artificial) light, thus verifying the photostability of the product.

Stability and compatibility tests can be carried out in various variants for the cosmetic alone or for the final product:

  • thermal stability of the cosmetic
  • mechanical stability of the cosmetic
  • stability and compatibility of the product with the packaging
  • “shock”, “stress” and “cycle” tests of the finished product
  • photostability tests – determination of the effect of exposure to fluorescent light – white or imitating the sun’s UVA rays on the product.

The tests listed above are part of the GBA Polska offer in the field of stability and compatibility tests of cosmetic products. Our Laboratory is equipped with the most modern climate chambers available on the market by Binder with IQ and OQ qualification for stability tests with lighting in accordance with ICH and light dose control.

Apart from standard stability and compatibility tests, we also offer individual packages of analyzes adjusted to the type of a cosmetic product and its packaging.

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